Piste Grooming

We pay particular attention to perfectly groomed ski pistes and our resort team starts working at 4.30 pm. Depending on the snow conditions, groomers are on the way until midnight.  In strong snowfall we start working at 4.00 am. In case we use the snow making system we distribute the snow, produced during the night, on the slopes in the morning.

As long as the ski trails are open for skiing, trail grooming work is not allowed due to safety reasons!

Around 150 ha of the Hinterstoder Ski Resort need to be maintained.  Our groomers are all state-of-the-art  (specifications: weight – 15 tons, drive power - 380 to 510 PS, speed – up to 23 km/h, winch vehicle/rope length – 1,000 to 1,200 metre)

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