From Tandem Passenger to Expert Paraglider

Flying is addictive! Excitement, elation and a higher adrenaline level make paragliding one of the most thrilling experiences.

Enjoy the charming views over the Pyhrn-Priel region, while an expert pilot takes you safely to the landing site.

Paragliding in Hinterstoder is an adventure packed with action and suspense.

As in most beautiful and therefore frequented flight areas, we also have some important  rules. The observance of these rules is of great importance for the safety and preservation of the flight area. We ask you therefore to obey these rules and wish you many pleasant flights in Hinterstoder!

The permission to start from our takeoff areas is given to pilots only with a valid flying licence, a valid certificate of insurance, (or approved foreign licence).

Start and landing solely on the marked takeoff- and landing areas (no starting on the Schafkögeln) no disturbance of the lift (keep minimum height). Landing is forbidden on Huttererböden (middle Station) and ski areas.

Tandem pilots and training confirmation holders register in advance at the flight school. For training confirmation holders the area briefing is free of charge. No commercial flights or training without written approval by the flight school or landowners. The failure to comply with these rules may result in a flight ban and/or transport ban, imposed by the flight school or cable car.

Flight restriction zone: The flying and soaring low on the Weißenbachtal/SW ridge is legally prohibited due to wildlife protection reasons (shadow effect on the slope). If the thermals are too weak you have to fly immediately after the ridge towards the landing site. If a pilot is already too deep in the valley, he must fly out away from the slope in the middle of the valley. Two emergency landings are available: A large field in the center of the Weissenbachtal and one at the northern end of the valley, the so called Polsterlucke. Violators are banned of flying at Hinterstoder and are reported to local police!
Please preserve our animals and our flight area.

Starts and Landings

1 - Take-off NNE: In the winter there is only a mobile barrier, so pay attention to the skiers! Check the wind indicators at the cable car station, do not start at SE or SW wind!

3 - Take-off West: In the afternoon, with strong valley wind, there may exist a leeward area on the end of the western-ledge. On such days turn right to the landing site, immediately after the storage pond. Watch out for enough height though! Do not fly close to the western slopes!

C - Emergency Landing

D - Landing: Large field right after the municipal office / Tourism. In normal wind conditions the landing direction is outwards the valley.

E - No Take-off or Landing, Minimum distance 100 m AGL

F - No soaring, Minimum distance 100 m AGL

The exact specifications for the limitations in 3D as a KML file you can find here.



Paragliding rates 2018/19 Adult
Season ticket (incl. Ski) 415,- SunnyCard/ 442,- Snow & Fun
(until 31.10.2018)
Uphill Hössbahn + Höss-Express 20,50
Uphill Hössbahn or Höss-Express 14,50
1 day 27,50
2 days 49,00
3 days 68,50

All paragliding rates are incl. start and landing fees!

Deposit per ticket € 2,--


Info:  Flugschule Hinterstoder, A-4580 Hinterstoder,

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